Blapiece T-shirt, a wearable masterpiece crafted from a collaborative painting by a diverse group of artists, bringing art and fashion together in a truly unique and vibrant expression of creativity.


Discover the extraordinary Blapiece hoodie, artfully created from a collaborative painting by a collective of talented artists, bringing a touch of artistic brilliance to our customers.


Elevate your style with our exquisite Blapiece silky shirts and kimonos, adorned with stunning designs from a collaborative painting, offering a fusion of art and fashion.


Step into the world of Blapiece full drip fashion, where each piece is a masterpiece crafted from collaborative paintings, allowing you to wear art in every step youtake.

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We are a new generation platform focusing on collaboration and partnerships with brands, artist and prominent public figures through Art, Fashion and Technology. Our logo is representation of our ethos. B is the black frame in the logo, a frame for art as Blapiece is creating new frameworks to showcase creativity. La Piece is French, ‘the piece’, quite simply that 'special piece which we refer to the pieces made by our community.

Vision & Mission

At BLAPIECE, we are driven by the power of community. We utilize fashion, art and technology as a means of connecting and sharing experiences with incredible people from around the world. We enable creators to create and generate income doing what they love to do.

Blapiece's mission is to foster and facilitate creative collaboration between artists and creators of all kinds, and in pursuit of this goal, the company is building a state-of-the-art production house where innovative ideas can be brought to life in new and exciting ways. Through this platform, Blapiece will showcase the works of its collaborators through a range of mediums, including digital art, fashion, and physical exhibitions, and will weave together these disparate elements with the addition of original music. By embracing this holistic approach to creative expression, Blapiece aims to connect with a broader audience and create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.


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Details to details is what makes Hexashop different from the other themes.

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Details to details is what makes Hexashop different from the other themes.
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